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About Us

Our success has been achieved through helping our customers succeed. 

With more than 30 years of experience we partner with our clients to establish appropriate goals and objectives, and tailor solutions which accelerate and improve business performance. 

Through our process we develop your leadership teams skill sets to meet and exceed customer expectations, and achieve your goals for growth and prosperity.

Our ROISBS proven methods have been featured on media outlets including; CBS, WWJ950 News Radio, and

ROI VOC Value Based Positioning Process

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The ROI SBS Voice Of the Customer (VOC) Value Based Positioning Model focuses on the customer and helps guide all interactions and efforts to meet and exceed customer expectations.  It is designed to be used to improve performance in any environment where customers come into contact with your organization, including but not limited to: Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Customer Satisfaction, Quality and Safety.

Please call us for more detail and to discuss your needs, goals and objectives.  Thank you!


"Rick Venet, President of ROI Strategic Business Solutions meeting Charles O. Holliday Jr., Chairman of DuPont Corporation at the Detroit Economic Club (DEC)"

"Rick - As a result of your e-mail we reviewed this product and have decided that the quality isn’t up to our standards.  We are asking the stores to remove the product from the shelf.  You saved many other customers the time and frustration of dealing with the same problems". - SVP Product Development & Global Sourcing ($46 billion home improvement retail company, more than 1300 locations)

A Detroit area Precision Tooling and Pot Broaching operation reduced sales cycle times from 12-18 months down to 2-4 weeks as a result of our management consulting, hands-on sales training, and integration of the ROI VOC Value Based Positioning Methodology and Process into thier daily sales efforts

“Rick Venet is an honest businessman that provides a great service in his specialty arena. My business saw a 42% reduction in OSHA recordables in 2008 due to some of Ricks suggestions."  - Jake Ladouceur, Plant Manager, KTPO - KUKA Toledo Production Operations

Executive quote:

“Rick has a great work ethic, and a high degree of commitment to his clients and colleagues. He'll persevere through a demanding project, and do what it takes to bring it to a good outcome. Plus, he's a lifelong learner, and is good at integrating worthwhile new ideas into his everyday work.” February 3, 2009 - Steve David, CEO - SkyMark Corporation (developer of PathMaker)

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